How to position yourself with potential clients...

The role of the barrister is changing and expanding, and now is a great time to be positioning yourself with potential clients. Whether individually, as part of a team or by a set, producing short, practical, business-focused books on the law and the process options is a great way to market your services. Typically these are distributed free to potential clients as a valuable marketing strategy that can put you on their shelf and in their minds for years to come.

At Goldrealm we have the experience and the strategies to help produce these books with the minimum time investment and at very competitive rates. Our publishing skills and sector knowledge are strong, meaning we can work with you on both ideas and presentation, to produce first-rate books that potential clients will want to keep and refer back to. We also offer all traditional publishing services, and are always happy to discuss any projects you may have in mind.

“A high level of expertise and professionalism - always been a pleasure to work with”

District Judge Andrew Greensmith

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